Socks and insoles are the unsung heroes of public safety footwear – they are almost never seen, but they play a big role in foot comfort and overall health. Blauer has developed a full line of first responder socks and replacement insoles that do more for those who spend every day on their feet. These items are designed to work best with Blauer boots but will improve foot performance in any pair of boots or shoes. Whether you need patrol ankle socks for summer standing detail or police dress socks for a formal event, you can a high-quality pair for any season.

In addition to working with the men and women work in U.S. police departments and fire stations, Blauer also has introduced innovations and designs from other industries with a similar need for premium footwear. Our EMS socks have arch and instep “compression zones” much like athletic socks, as these zones are proven to make your feet more comfortable and more stable. They also have a breathable moisture-wicking construction to stay dry in the heat, anti-odor technology to make your feet more pleasant and a reinforced toe and heel so they last longer. We have summer crew socks, mid-calf socks and ankle socks plus wool winter socks for first responders.

These machine-washable black duty socks go with any uniform and boot combination, as their simple aesthetic belies their impressive function. Adding a set of plantar fasciitis Firma-Tech™ insoles to your boots can really step up your foot performance. This technology is used by elite athletes with foot structure and leg alignment problems to gently correct them while also absorbing impact. This improves balance, increases step power and lowers the risk of sore-feet or long-term injuries. The right first responder socks and insoles will help you push past the limitations of ordinary footwear, and with four generations of knowledge going into every Blauer footwear product, we are the leading choice for those who rely on their feet.

Socks & Insoles

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