Blackinton Flex Badge

  • $30.00

FlexBadge is a secure permanent alternative to the traditional law enforcement patch and direct embroidery. This badge was made to replace embroidered badge patches on shirts and tactical carriers, can also be used as a wallet badge. The FlexBadge can be made with Velcro or Heat-Pressed on. We have custom and standard offerings available, click the links below to learn more.
  • Lightweight, metallic in appearance.
  • Flexible, pliable for a comfortable fit on police polo's, carriers, etc.. flexes with the fabric.
  • More detailed and authentic looking than a law enforcement patch or direct embroidery.
  • Heat press activated textile adhesive for permanent use.
  • Adheres permanently to shirts, outerwear, bags, 'NEW baseball caps' (For application to cap the FlexBadge must be <= 3"H)
  • 'NEW' Hardsurface application to helmets, equipment, and rain wear (rain wear materials vary significantly consult with a Blackinton sales representative to confirm acceptability of the material).
  • Die cut Velcro application available, can purchase Hook (FLH), Loop (FLL), or a set of both (FLS)
  • Lies flat on material will not buckle.
  • Dry cleaning and household laundry safe.​
  • Finishes Available: ​gold, silver, gunmetal, 
    VHB black, pink, olive green,


Please contact us directly to find out if your standard badge can be made into a flexbadge.

Custom badges require a 250< piece order.

561-444-6660 or to place an order.