Hatch Patrolman Touchscreen COOLMAX Duty Glove TWG100 Blue Line Innovations

Hatch Patrolman Touchscreen COOLMAX Duty Glove TWG100

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Touchscreen gloves

Hatch is known as a top rated manufacturer of Tactical Gloves for the military and elite special forces. The use of advanced technology materials and the quality product has kept Hatch as a top Tactical Gloves Brand loved by many users. The Hatch Patrolman Series is a great example of glove you only want to trust with a quality brand. The Hatch Patrolman is light and dexterous critical when handling paperwork, completing field tasks, and working with finer objects. In addition, the Advanced Touch Screen technology incorporated in these gloves by Hatch is the best the market has to offer.



  • Touchscreen-compatible leather on thumb, index finger, and knuckle
  • Reinforced rubberized fingertips and spandex back
  • Rugged synthetic materials for durability
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Colors : Black


SIZING:touchscreen gloves

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